I hope we all make it.

While everybody is trying to adapt to the new normal it is such a wonderful feeling that fellow community leaders help one another. I am setting up an online summit next week and

I feel so blessed with all the support that I have been receiving from friends and partners in the community. I have always seen myself as a collaborator, someone who can help make things happen. After the announcement of the quarantine, I really took it slow... so slow that I almost felt like not really moving from my bed..maybe because I feel I need all the rest that I can get to reboot... Now 3 months after the lockdown.. I am more prepared, relaxed and ready to work again...Not trying to prove anything, not trying to keep up with the others... Just taking my sweet time to feel alive again. So I really hope we all make it... Let's learn from what is happening right now and never forget to focus on what truly matters...

Stay safe everyone...

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